Hard Boundaries CD Cover


In a day when deep darkness envelops the world, morality and decency are under attack. But within the Kingdom of God, application of His divine standards keeps us safe, keeps us strong and keeps us full of light.

The album Hard Boundaries from Congress MusicFactory reinforces our responsibility to set up hard boundaries in our personal lives, reminds us of our spiritual DNA and calibrates us to be more accurate. We can make one right choice at a time. We must be ruthless in our pursuit of righteousness, purity and purpose.

With each track we celebrate the power we walk in when Christ is our Core. In Christ, we are better, wiser, faster and stronger. As you listen to Hard Boundaries our prayer is that you receive the grace to be set free from sin, the joy that comes from obedience to His will, and the strength to establish and secure hard boundaries in your own life.