Music for Congress Kids

Goshen Is In My Heart

Goshen Is in My Heart is the latest collaboration between Elijah Centre Project Heritage andCongress MusicFactory. Each catchy, memorable trackon the album draws principles from the Word of God to encourage our children to be safe, confident and full of faith. The songs give children and communities an opportunity to rehearse biblical lessons and relive the stories from the memorable Project Heritage Living in Goshen series. Enjoy this celebration of obedience, commitment, trust and faith in God.  


A Project Heritage Production

We Magnify You GenerationLift Edition

“WE MAGNIFY YOU” GenerationLift Edition is a special presentation of worship from the voices of children across Congress WBN lifting up the songs from the Congress MusicFactory We Magnify You album.

These songs capture the heart, the cry and the desire of a global people, a holy nation to magnify our Lord, Jesus Christ, and fulfill and finish His purpose!

We Magnify You
Discovery Workbook Series

The We Magnify You Discovery Woorkbook Series has been designed for parents, guardians, teachers and children to experience and explore the songs together. 8 workbooks available separately and in 1 collection, featuring song lyrics, lessons with scripture references, puzzles, games and special activities that encourage children to engage with the songs and enhance their personal worship.

We Magnify You  Downloadable Resources

Workbooks, Colouring sheets, journal pages, and more resources for our Congress kids. Just click the picture to download them.

Bonus Activities

Additional workbook activties

Workbook Covers

Colouring Sheets

My Journal

Blank Journal pages

Generation Lift Kids' Camp - I Am Wise

‘I Am Wise’ is a single for the children of the Congress, designed to strengthen their resolve to be full of wisdom as they declare “I am wise and I hate folly”.

I'm a Sanctuary

‘I'm a Sanctuary’ is an album of music for the children of the Congress, designed to bring them into greater understanding of the requirements of the Lord for us in this season.


Full of Biblical truths and principles, Maturity encourages our children to pursue righteousness, track down godly characteristics and march towards the GGPE.